Today's State Fair dynamic duo: Goat Talk with Owen

'She just wants love'

Laura Oakes
August 29, 2019 - 12:47 pm

Minnesota 4H kids prepare all year for State Fair time, and this year is no exception. More than 5,500 of them are showing off their animals this year, including 13-year old Owen Chute with the Aitkin County 4H Club.

But if you think getting a Nigerian dwarf goat ready for the Fair is a piece of cake, think again.

There was a lot that needed to be done before 'Kiwi' made the trip from Aitkin with her favorite human.

"I have to be leading her every day to get her to walk real nice. And, I have to clip her so that you can see her body shape better because otherwise her hair grows thicker in different spots. And, also, I have to wash her a few times beforehand to get her nice and clean so the clippers will go straight through. And, that's my preparation other than getting all my tack ready," Owen explained to WCCO's Laura Oakes.

And why the name Kiwi?

"We had a goat before her from a different mother and it was tiny. It could fit in the palm of your hand. And we named it "Pee Wee." And then when she (Kiwi) was born, she was a little bit bigger, but not much bigger, and so we ended up having to take her into the house and had to baby her and stuff and I wanted another name kinda like Pee Wee so I came up with "Kiwi."

Owen and Kiwi are clearly close pals. When asked why Kiwi kept turning her head during the interview to look at him, Owen said, "She just wants love."  And this pen - in the corner of the goat barn - is brimming with it.






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