Twins legend Bert Blyleven tells us about the time he hid Sid Hartman's tape recorder

“He said he was steaming for eight innings."

all of Fame inductee Bert Blyleven (left) shows Cleveland Indians manager Manny Acta (right) his Hall of Fame ring

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It’s common knowledge that Sid Hartman carried his tape recorder and mic with him everywhere he went when he was on the beat, but here’s a thing most Minnesotans probably don’t know: Twins hall of fame pitcher Bert Blyleven once hid Hartman’s equipment from him during a game. 

As Blyleven told us during our celebration of the Sidtennial, The Twins were playing the Red Sox in Boston and Hartman left his tape recorder on a table in the clubhouse and walked away. Blyleven seized the moment and grabbed the recorder, put it in rafters and told security that it was time to tell the sportswriters they had to leave. 

Before the game ended, Blyleven put the recorder right back where it had been on the table, and then watched as Hartman was the first reporter back in the room as soon as the doors opened. 
“He said he was steaming for eight innings,” Blyleven said. 

Blyleven said there weren’t as many sports journalists in those pre-internet and ESPN days, which gave players the chance to get to know reporters like Hartman. 

"So we get to know them as friends and guys that would be in your corner. And Sid was always one of those guys. You know, maybe we didn't play the best between the lines, but he told it like it was. That's what I admired about Sid Hartman."

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