Another one gone; Booker the latest to end presidential campaign

He cites lack of funds while polls show lack of support

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January 13, 2020 - 11:22 am
Cory Booker

USA Today


Corey Booker has ended his campaign for president, saying he's run out of money.  

The Democratic US Senator from New Jersey revealed his decision Monday in an email to supporters. 

Booker called it a difficult decision, but noted that it was always his intention to drop out if there was no path to winning the presidency.  

Booker was not included in this week's Democratic debate in Iowa because he did not meet the financial and polling threshholds.  

The latest polls showed Booker with only two percent support nationally.

There are now 12 candidates still running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

At its height, the Democratic field was twice that size.

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