Twins play-by-play voice calls for harsher punishment for PED violations

"When a player tests positive for a PED or a banned diuretic his service time goes back to zero" says Cory Provus

Dan Cook
September 09, 2019 - 3:39 pm
Minnesota Twins

Hannah Foslien / Stringer/Getty Images


On Saturday, Major League Baseball announced it had suspended Twins starter Michael Pineda 60 games for testing positive for a banned substance. 

Monday, Twins play-by-play voice Cory Provus joined Chad Hartman and voiced his frustration.

“Can’t happen, Chad. The Twins have a full time nutritionist. They have a full-time chef,” Provus said, “There are every possible avenue that a player needs to take if it’s in regards to weight management or weight control, either losing or even gaining, the resources are there. And for any player in this day and age to still test positive for anything, whether it’s a PED or in this case a banned diuretic is inexcusable. I’m tired of it.”

Pineda marks the third high profile Twin to test positive for a banned substance in the last few years. So how can the league truly rid itself of this problem?

“I’ve maintained this now for a couple of years, that the penalties aren’t severe enough,” said Provus, “I don’t know if this would completely erase this from happening, but my take on when a player tests positive for a PED or a banned diuretic is that his service time goes back to zero. So that the service time that they have gained where they can then establish free agency after the six years of team control are up, they lose that right. Their service time goes back to zero.”

Of course the league can’t act unilaterally. It needs the Players Union to be on board with any punishment changes. But Provus thinks it’s in all the players’ best interests.

“If the union really wants to get after this thing and knock it off, I think that’s how severe you get,” Provus said, “It’s one thing if a player loses out on say a few million dollars here and there. That sounds like a lot of money, but a player is still going to get the other 25 or whatever he signed for over the duration of that contract. But if you really want to get down to this thing, you wipe it off. You go back to making the minimum of about what $540,000 or $545,000 a year.”

Listen to the entire interview with Chad:



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