Deer hunting: Food and perspective through a Minnesota tradition had by all

Immigrants also take part in the activity that connects them with nature and MN culture

Sloane Martin
November 08, 2019 - 4:12 pm

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Minnesotans from all kinds of backgrounds are heading out to Greater Minnesota for the first weekend of deer hunting, and that includes immigrants.

When you hear the voice of Jaylani Hussein on the WCCO airwaves, it's usually because he's bringing attention to injustice against the Muslim community. Just Thursday he spoke to media about an alleged assault on a Door Dash driver in Excelsior that he's urging police investigate as a bias crime.

Advocacy is his career, but the CAIR Minnesota Executive Director is looking forward to this weekend as much as anyone.

"I've seen places where Hmong hunters are there and I'm assuming that there are hunters from all walks of life that are in Minnesota this weekend — hopefully a safe hunt," Hussein said. "Seeing the orange hats and seeing people driving back home, it just makes you feel comfortable being part of something Minnesotans do."

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Hussein was introduced to deer hunting from a friend who was born and raised in Minnesota, but whose family is originally from Iraq. His party of four has been hunting near Wadena for about three years.

Hunting for him and his friends is a fun activity to connect with nature and with the state they call home.

"We're all part of this wonderful land and we're going to continue to create a better society together," he said. "I always joke and say that it's coming down the line, soon there will be — some people have never had a sambusa which is like a triangle-filled egg roll that Somalis make — there's going to be a lutefisk sambusa some day."

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