Fort Snelling State Park reopens after 6 months of cleanup from spring floods

DNR estimates 500,000 people would have made a trip since March

Sloane Martin
September 17, 2019 - 4:26 pm

Though it exists on a flood plain at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers and officials are accustomed to springtime flooding, the busiest park in the state was closed for an unprecedented six months before reopening to the public Tuesday morning.

Hefty snowpack plus significant spring rain in one of the wettest years on record meant this year was particularly bad. Park employees couldn't reach some areas of the park for months. 

Park enthusiasts will notice a chance to the fishing dock location and newly-paved roads, but things like moving the main water supply line to a less vulnerable location were just as important.

The DNR estimates that since March they’ve lost out on half a million visitors and around a quarter of a million dollars in revenue. 

Clean up crews gathered 850 cubic yards of silt from parking lots and trails, but the DNR says they hope to keep it on site and plant native prairie seeds on top.

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