See how Jason Lewis reacted when Chad Hartman called him out for ducking a question

"I wouldn't say that and I didn't say it."

The Chad Hartman Show
August 22, 2019 - 2:13 pm

Jason Lewis announced his run for the Senate against Tina Smith at about 10:15 am in the GOP's booth at the Minnesota State Fair, presenting himself as a candidate who was running with President Donald Trump againt "The Squad" and the progressive wing of the Democratic party. 

But about two hours later at the booth next door, Lewis found himself being challenged for ducking a question about Trump, before eventually separating himself from the President's rhetoric — or at least his recent comments regarding the loyalty of Jewish people who don't vote Republican.  

The exchange happened during an interview with News Talk 830 WCCO's Chad Hartman, who was broadcasting live from the station's booth at the State Fair. 

The video is above, and the transcript continues below: 

Chad Hartman: Do you agree with the president's phrasing that he doesn't understand the loyalty of someone who's of the Jewish faith in America if they vote for a Democrat? 

Jason Lewis: Well, that's his opinion.  I mean, look... 

Chad Hartman: That's a duck. Come on. You don't duck. Do you agree with what he said?  

Jason Lewis: Do I do I agree that somebody's disloyal?

Chad Hartman: Yeah. 

Jason Lewis: I don't think anybody's disloyal to anything. They can take their own opinion. Do I agree with anything Ilhan Omar has said or done? Absolutely not.

Chad Hartman: That's different though, right? 

Jason Lewis: That's not different. You're talking about her.

Chad Hartman: No, but I'm now talking about the president. When he's saying to any person of the Jewish faith, you're disloyal if you don't vote Republican. 

Jason Lewis: Well, I wouldn't say that and I didn't say it. What I'm saying is we need to make certain that we quiz the Democrats on where they stand on the Squad, which has taken over their party, as much as you've been doing for three years and the media have been doing for three years, on Republicans and Trump. 

Listen to the full interview here: 


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