Minnesota woman found her missing dog on a can of beer while scrolling Facebook

Missing for three years, dog was shown on Motorworks Brewing's adoptable cans

Lindsey Peterson
February 10, 2020 - 8:03 am
Missing Dog, Motorworks Brewing

(Photo Courtesy of Motorworks Brewing Company)


After three years, a Minnesota woman has been reunited with her missing dog thanks to Facebook and a can of beer.  

Motorworks Brewing, out of Bradenton, Florida, features frequent dog-friendly partnerships.  Motorworks featured four adoptable dogs on a beer series with proceeds going towards funding of a new shelter.  One of the dogs had shown up at Manatee County Animal Services in Florida.  She had a license and was microchipped, but the contact information appeared outdated.  Up she went for adoption and got her star-turn on the Motorworks beer.

Monica Matthis of St. Paul was living in Iowa three years ago, when her dog Hazel, a terrier-mix, disappeared.  She searched, called shelters, but Hazel never showed up.  

After moving to St. Paul, Mathis was scrolling through Facebook one day when a can of beer caught her eye.  What looked like her dog Hazel was featured on one of the the cans.  

Mathis called Manatee County Animal Services and they verified the dog they had in Florida was in fact Hazel.  It's not clear how Hazel made the 1,400 mile trek from Iowa to Florida.  

A shelter outreach specialist put Hazel in a car and drove her from Florida to St. Paul where they arrived at Hazel's home last Friday.

Mathis told NBC News, "I feel like I've gotten the greatest gift in the world to have her home."

Motorworks and their special beer series made it a happy homecoming for this family and their beloved dog Hazel.  

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