More dockless Nice Ride bikes hit the streets of Minneapolis

Susie Jones
September 18, 2018 - 10:22 am

Nice Ride Minnesota is doubling its fleet in Minneapolis, starting with the initial release of 200 dockless bikes in the city on Tuesday.

The new blue bikes will be activated by an app on your phone, and you can find them at about 200 virtual parking hubs. "If you return it someplace else, we are going to charge you $5 dollars," said Bill Dossett, Executive Director of the ride sharing program. "Because we want our bikes to go back to the zones, and the reason for that is we promised the city that's what we would do."

Getting the bikes ready has been quite the undertaking. "I always feel a sense of urgency working on bikes," said Tyson Meyer, one of the mechanics working inside the South Minneapolis headquarters. "You want to get it done as efficiently as you can but still doing everything properly." 

The hubs will be located on sidewalks and are designed to be more affordable and portable than the existing docked system.

Dossett said they'll be holding hearings on the new system, and want people to share their ideas and offer suggestions as to which locations for parking zones might work best. "What we want is to see parking zones all over the city. We'd like to see 1,000 zones," he said. 

They also have a website  to request a parking zone area. 

1,500 more bikes are scheduled to arrive in 2019 and potentially more in 2020, depending on how the rollout goes.

The original green docked bikes will remain, but Nice Ride says they're releasing the dockless technology to try and compete with companies like Bird and Lime.