Walz calls for insulin legislation compromise, Gazelka says GOP has a plan

Both sides looking for ways to provide insulin for those who need it now

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October 18, 2019 - 7:16 am

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Gov. Walz is once again calling on members of the legislature to work out a compromise on making insulin more affordable and available for those that need it in an emergency.

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka tweeted about one particular Republican senate proposal that he says they're ready to vote on now. 

Walz asked why the leader had time to Tweet but not meet. 

"Doesn't work that you bring up your own bill," said Walz. "That bill has issues that were not worked out with the advocates. They worked out with the insulin companies."

Walz putting the blame for inaction and lack of compromise squarely at the feet of Senate Republicans.


"I've said, I'm more than willing to compromise," said Walz. "But that (Republican proposal) is not a solution. This is not a solution for people who need to have emergency insulin." 

Walz said he sent a letter to Gazelka requesting the names of five Senators for a joint House-Senate committee that would work on insulin legislation, but has received no response.


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