Minneapolis Charter Commission to offer amendment recommendation on Wednesday

90-day review would keep police department question off 2020 ballot

WCCO Radio Newsroom
August 05, 2020 - 5:05 am

A recommendation is expected on Wednesday afternoon from the Minneapolis Charter Commission regarding a proposed public safety amendment. The amendment is about the wider replacement of the Minneapolis Police Department with the Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention following the death of George Floyd.

The Charter Commission can accept, reject, or offer up a substitute amendment to the Minneapolis City Council. If the Charter Commission pursues either of those three options, the City Council could still move forward with the proposal. However, a fourth option for the Charter Commission could extend the amendment's review by 90 days, which means the proposal would miss the August 21 statutory deadline and could not be submitted to voters in the 2020 election.

Last week, the judge-appointed body rejected a narrower proposal by an 8-6 vote to remove the minimum staffing requirement, casting doubt on the City Council measure.

"I think we're treading perilously into an area where some people seem to think our job is to put up guard rails for political mistakes made by the council, or the mayor. I don't think that's our roll here," Commissioner Greg Abbott said last week

Any action taken by the Minneapolis Charter Commission on Wednesday afternoon will be submitted to the council's Policy and Government Oversight Committee on Thursday. 

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