Newly released video shows what led to a police shooting inside MPD HQ

BCA says officers were justified in their response

Edgar Linares
June 21, 2018 - 5:11 pm

The video released by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension shows last year's police shooting of Marcus Fischer, 19, of Minneapolis. In its investigation, the BCA concluded the officers were justified in their response.

Several body camera videos show officers responding to the incident and video taken from inside the interrogation room shows detectives questioning Fischer.

“We recovered both guns we think were used in this case and we think your DNA is probably going to be on it,” said one of the officers questioning Fischer.

After the interview, which lasted more than an hour and a half, Fisher asks officers for something to drink. Both officers then leave the room, moments later Fischer takes out a knife, the video stops as Fischer puts the knife to the right side of his neck. Investigators say he then stabs himself. After the stabbing, police can be seen on body camera footage trying to speak with him.

“Marcus stop!” one officer yells through the interrogation room. “Marcus come on it’s not that bad. Put the knife down!”

Fischer can be heard giving responses to the officer as they call for an officer with a taser to help. Once an officer with a taser arrives police prepare to open the room.

“You got a gun for a back up,” one officers asks another.

They then enter the room and tase Fischer.

“It’s not working!” an officer says about the taser. 

“Drop the knife!” another officer yells at Fischer. 

In the video, Fischer slowly approaches the officers with open arms and the knife still in his right hand. Police then shoot Fischer four times.

Fischer survived the shooting and last month pled guilty to assault. He is currently serving time.