North Minneapolis pastor against dismantling MPLS Police Department

'That's juvenile. That's insane right now.'

The Morning News with Dave Lee
June 05, 2020 - 11:22 am
Minneapolis Police

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The prospect of dismantling the Minneapolis police department is heavy on the mind of a prominent Twin Cities pastor.

He’s against it. And he’s firm about his stance.

“That’s juvenile. That’s insane right now,” said Jerry McAfee of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church on the city’s north side. McAfee made that statement on the WCCO Morning News with Dave Lee, while also pointing out that he’s been an outspoken advocate against police brutality for more than three decades.

“Don’t do knee-jerk decisions,” McAfee said. “I would never at this point say that we don’t need the police.”

He said if city leaders want to make that move, they need to first find a replacement.

“I’m of the opinion that not all police are bad,” McAfee said. “I think the system many times is bad. I think, if anything, (police union leader) Bob Kroll has not helped with relationships between police and the community.”

Already, several agencies have severed ties with the MPD, including eliminating resource officers in the Minneapolis school district.

“That’s crazy,” McAfee said. “We must not forget the level of trouble that goes on in our community right now.”

An important step, McAfee said, is bringing all interested parties together to find common ground.

“We try the exact same stuff with the exact same people, and we don’t want to talk or listen to anybody who has a difference of opinion,” he said. “So far, right now, that’s the track that we continue to go on. I’m not saying just listen to me, they need to pull everybody together. And then this schism, this Minnesota Nice, if you will, needs to be melted in some degree so that all of us can breathe.”

Prognosis before diagnosis, is how McAfee puts it.

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