Tom Emmer on how Midwesterners view Trump's style of politics: 'We look at it and we cringe'

He also said he doesn't consider it his duty to defend Trump.

The Chad Hartman Show
August 31, 2018 - 4:57 pm

Image courtesy of Tom Emmer's office.


Republic Rep. Tom Emmer cited President's Trump's brash style as a reason why he rubs many in Minnesota — conservatives included  — the wrong way. 

"I think Midwesterners look at the in your face type of politics, the personal, the personality, we look at it and we cringe. We say that's not appropriate," he told WCCO's Chad Hartman during an interview Friday at the state fair.

Emmer, who is running for reelection in Minnesota's sixth congressional district against Ian Todd of the DFL, also said he doesn't consider it his duty to defend Trump.

"My job is not to defend the executive. The executive is responsible for his actions and he can defend himself. My job is to represent the people that hire me here and do it to the best of my ability, and do it the way that Midwesterners would expect us to do it."

Later, he pleaded for more bipartisanship in Washington. 

"The problem with America today is you need at least two parties of ideas that are debating big ideas, instead of playing politics with every issue. 

Only a small portion of the interview touched on Trump. The full audio is below. Other highlights include:

- Why Emmer loves radio as a medium, and some of the things he didn't like about working at KTLK. 

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- Chad and Emmer talked about mental health and depression. Emmer talked about his bill to create a Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (FRSAN). The bill has passed the House. A similar bill is in the Senate. The proposal could become part of the conference on the Farm Bill. 

- Emmer tells a story about Trump and DACA. On dreamers, Emmer says "They're American."