Friday sentencing for man who shot at school bus driver

Prison term could be eight years

WCCO Radio Newsroom
November 15, 2019 - 5:42 am
Mug shot of school bus shooting suspect

Minneapolis Police Department


A man who opened fire on a school bus driver, with a little girl inside the bus at the time, could get eight years behind bars when he's sentenced Friday in Hennepin County.  

Kenneth Lilly was first charged with attempted murder, then pleaded guilty in August to first-degree assault.  

The incident happened during a snowstorm in February on Interstate 35W south of downtown Minneapolis. 

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MinDOT cameras show Lilly getting out of his car and walking toward a small school bus that had scraped the car's rear bumper.  

Lilly originally argued self-defense, claiming the bus moved forward toward him before he opened fire.  

The girl inside the bus was not hurt, but the driver lost hearing in one ear.  

78-year-old Thomas Benson has not been able to return to work because suffered nerve damage in his hand.  

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