Minnesota grocers ask public to not rush stores or hoard food with stay at home order

Grocery stores will continue to stay open and operate as normal.

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March 25, 2020 - 2:00 pm
Grocery store empty shelves

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With a two week stay at home order going into effect for the state on Friday, Minnesta grocery store operators have an important message for the public: Do not rush to the grocery store and avoid hoarding food you or your family do not need. 

Jamie Pfuhl, President of the Minnesota Grocers Association, said grocery stores will continue to stay open and operate as normal.    

“There's no need for people to rush out and buy more than they need for that week's groceries… The food will be there and it will be OK,” she said. 

Pool continued: 

“By rushing on products, you make it so that there's not enough product left for your neighbors. And we're much more Minnesot Nice than that. We want to make sure that we keep those products on the shelves and that you stick to what your household needs.” 

She says Minnesota grocery stores are keeping shelves stocked, and also going above and beyond in ensuring the safety of their shoppers, including shoppers who are more vulnerable to the virus.

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Listen to her interview here: 

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