Nothing special: Senate, House adjourn with issues unsettled

Walz expected to call lawmakers back in July

WCCO Radio Newsroom
June 20, 2020 - 6:47 am
Minnesota senate chamber



The Minnesota State Senate adjourned early Saturday morning, followed less than an hour later by the House, ending the special legislative session with major issues still unresolved.

The session, orginally called to complete work on a bonding bill to fund major construction projects, lasted a little more than a week at the state capitol building in St. Paul.

"We're not walking away from Minnesota," said Senate Republican Leader Paul Gazelka just before the gavel came down. "I do think it's wise to take a step back from what we're doing here. And I hope everyone here thinks about how they are responding, I want you to think about the things you've said and done. We're going to come back."

Gazelka earlier blamed Gov. Walz for "undermining the process."

Walz is expected to call lawmakers back for another special session in July after urging Republican lawmakers to remain in session with hopes of striking deals.

“This is not the time to think small and call it quits for the summer. To not meet the moment we're in is completely unacceptable. House DFL'ers remain committed to taking action to build a Minnesota that works better for all of us, no exceptions,” said House Majority Leader Winkler. 

The call of this first special session was expanded to include police accountability reform following the officer-involved death of George Floyd that sparked riots in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and around the US.

Lawmakers also clashed on the governor's emergency powers, which Walz put into effect in March in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Senate offered a compromise on police reforms late Friday night after the House passed its own version of the bill on Thursday.

Also unresolved is the bonding bill to fund state construction projects, along with a measure sending financial help to communities still reeling from the unrest and the coronavirus outbreak.


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