Suspect Sought in Killing of Minneapolis Activist

Sister: "He walked out the door and we heard two shots"

Edgar Linares
May 15, 2018 - 6:45 pm

Suspect sought in killing, Sid Brady Strickland-Green. Courtesy Minneapolis Police


A suspect is wanted in the deadly shooting of a north Minneapolis man gunned down on his mother's porch in front of his children.

On April 3, Tyrone Williams was leaving his mother's home near 8th Avenue and Elwood Avenue North around 6pm when the shooting occurred.

 On Tuesday, Minneapolis police announced Sid Brady Strickland-Green, 27, is a suspect in that homicide.

“We believe somebody knows where Strickland-Green is at, and we are asking you to share that information with law enforcement. It can be done anonymously,” said John Elder, Minneapolis Police spokesman.


“April 3rd was just a snow day, it was spring break,” said Kendra Pierson, Tyrone’s older sister. “My mother and all the children were here playing in the house. So she said ‘well come on over and have breakfast with us’. That’s how his day began. He had breakfast with his family, because he lived close by and the kids where playing at grandma’s house. He said ‘well I’m getting ready to go to work’, and he walked out the door and we heard two shots.”

Those shots ended Tyrone’s life as his four children and family witnessed. Williams was an advocate for civil and human rights and was well known in his community.

“Tyrone was a lot of things, he wasn’t perfect but like we said he was a son, a father, a brother; a community activists, a businessman,” said Pierson.

By Edgar Linares

Rosemary Nevils-Williams, Tyrone's mother, had a message after police announced they were looking for a suspect.

“I don’t want the community to take this into their own hands. We don’t need anymore bloodshed. I don’t want another mother to have to go through this. So please just give the information to the authorities so they can take care of this,” said Nevils-Williams.

Police and Minnesota Crime Stoppers are offering a $2,500 reward for an arrest.