Twin Cities Beaches Packed

“I’m loving it, every minute of it, every hour!”

Edgar Linares
May 28, 2018 - 7:23 pm

By Edgar Linares


Whether it was a beach, a cooling center, or a mall, many on Memorial Day were looking to beat the record-breaking heat.

Since 1934, the hottest day in May has been 98 degrees, but on Monday the state hitt 100 at MSP airport and other parts of Minnesota saw 101.

“I’m loving it, every minute of it, every hour,” said Bob, a former a lifeguard from Rochester. “I hate the winter and I need to get out.”

Several beaches in the Twin Cities, including Lake Nokomis, Crystal Lake, and Bde Maka Ska’s (formally Lake Calhoun) two beaches, were packed with shirtless beach bodies rubbing on sunblock.

Thomas Beach, Minneapolis by Edgar Linares

This May warm up came so quickly that Thomas beach did not have a lifeguard on watch and some waterparks are still closed and waiting to open.

“It’s shocking,” said Erin Mastro at Thomas Beach. She and her three kids were going to hit up a waterpark on Memorial Day. “So, we started there but none of them are open so plan b!”

It is hard to image with this sweltering heat that just last month on April 15 we had record-breaking snowfall with seven to 15 inches in the Twin Cities Metro.