Former GOP Congressman: Sen. Klobuchar would ‘give Trump a real problem’ if she runs for president

Weber also said that the Democrats will need to give Trump some money for the wall to end the government shutdown.

The Chad Hartman Show
January 22, 2019 - 2:00 pm

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There has been plenty of talk about Sen. Amy Klobuchar running for president, and at least one influential Minnesota Republican likes her odds.

In an interview with WCCO Radio, Vin Weber, the lobbyist and former Minnesota congressman, cited Klobuchar as one of the candidates he thinks may rise to the top on the Democratic side.

“She has proven herself to be the most popular politician in Minnesota history. She is an enormously capable political player,” Weber told WCCO Radio’s Chad Hartman. “I think she would give Trump a real problem.”

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Weber also commented on the government shutdown, saying that, “the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi are winning the battle for public opinion. Hands down.”

As for a possible compromise, he suggested that the Democrats would need to give Trump some money for the border wall. In return Trump, Weber said, would need to go further than his current offer on deportation relief.

“He is going to have to go then beyond his offer on DACA and be prepared to take the crap from…  his hard right on the issue of amnesty, because what he's going to have to give them is going to look an awful lot like at least a partial amnesty,” he said.

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