MPCA paves the way to reopen Water Gremlin's coating operation

Company officials say they're committed to safety for everyone

WCCO Radio Newsroom
January 18, 2020 - 1:35 pm
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A Twin Cities factory plagued by pollution problems could re-start one of its operations within a week.

Water Gremlin's coating process ended last summer after inspectors found chemicals and lead in the air and water on the White Bear Township property.

An investigation also revealed that the company emitted unsafe levels of a cancer-causing chemical into the air for 15 years.

Following a settlement, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, shut down Water Gremlin’s coating process in August.

Now, according to the MPCA, coating could start but Water Gremlin must keep paying a third-party to monitor emissions.

In a statement, Water Gremlin officials say they will "cooperate and diligently work with the MPCA to address every concern raised. We are committed to being a good community member and providing a safe environment for everyone."

Under court order, the company must make sure lead doesn’t migrate off its property.

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