What you need to know if you plan to attend Vikings training camp

"Plan head, absolutely plan ahead."

Sloane Martin
June 19, 2018 - 2:06 pm



With a little over a month before Vikings rookies report to kick off training camp in Eagan for the first time in team history, officials are getting the word out on what will be different this year. 

After 52 years in Mankato, the Vikings have had to completely revamp their training camp routine to continue the tradition of a fun fan event. That means handling tens of thousands of fans in a brand new facility, the TCO Performance Center, and a new set of logistical challenges. The biggest thing fans need to keep in mind: tickets and parking passes must be reserved in advance.

General admission tickets are free and they're offering $20 reserved seats. Digital parking passes are $10. The lots allow for 2,200 spots and there are two drop-off locations.

"Plan head, Absolutely plan ahead," Vikings Chief of Staff and Strategic Advisor Tina Holmes said. "Allow yourself enough time so that when you do get slowed down in traffic or you are trying to find your way around campus, you do have enough time to do that." 

Daily attendance will be capped at 5,000 people, but the Eagan facility allows more access. Eighteen days of training camp are open to fans — four more than last year and eight more than 2016. That means up to 90,000 people can attend, 25,000 more than what was possible in Mankato.

Vikings and Eagan officials admit this year is a learning year, but they've spent hours crafting plans for security, traffic and fan activities.

"So many of our decisions and so much of the approach that we're taking is based on how we think things will work," Holmes said.

Eagan and team officials have been working with the county, local police and MNDOT to add traffic control officers, and make real-time changes to things like signal timing and restricting turns. They say fans should approach this like going to any major event.

The first rookies' practice will be on Wednesday, July 25. The first full-team practice is Saturday, July 28, and they put on pads the first time the following Monday. Night practice will be on Saturday, Aug. 4.

Vikings season ticket holders have access to $20 reserve tickets beginning at 9 a.m. on Thursday. Tickets for the general public will be released on Monday, June 25.