No charges in case of boy who shot himself with gun found in toy box

7-year old Keyaris Samuels' death '100% preventable.'

Adam Carter
August 13, 2019 - 3:28 pm

Getty Images


A frustrating end to the case of a 7-year old Plymouth boy who accidentally shot and killed himself with a handgun that was stashed in a toy-box.  

Plymouth Police Chief Mike Goldstein says no charges will be filed in the case of Keyaris Samuels, who shot himself in May of 2018 after he discovered the gun in a hover-board box in his family's home. 

"I'm absolutely disheartened and disappointed."

The boy had returned home with three other kids after school when he discovered the gun.  Goldstein says they've exhausted all types of investigative tools, but he admits they've also faced a lack of cooperation.   

"I think that there are people who know more than they are willing to share.  For what reasons, I can only speculate."

The chief says among other things, they haven't been able to determine who's gun it was. 

"I think we have a good idea, of maybe not who owned it, but who had the most recent possession of it.  But we can't say definitively in a court of law."

He says the case could be reopened if they receive new information.

"It is very troubling, because this little boy should still be alive today.  This was 100% preventable."

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