Did PJ Fleck cost the Gophers the Iowa game? Absolutely not, says Cory Hepola

"Give me PJ Fleck all day long.”

Hey, it's Cory Hepola
November 18, 2019 - 12:33 pm

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Gopher fans who are focusing on the penalty called on PJ Fleck for running onto the field in Minnesota’s 23-19 loss at Iowa need to keep perspective, says News Talk 830 WCCO host Cory Hepola. 

Fleck ran onto the field after wide receiver Tyler Johnson stayed down following a play. In his postgame comments, Fleck defended his actions saying he wanted to check on his player.  "The play was over. I don't understand that call in that situation.  But that's how they felt and I have to accept that," he said.

Hepola noted that Fleck has often taken that approach. 

“If you watch every time a guy's down on the field, PJ Fleck is the first one out there. In fact, even earlier in that game, one of the Gophers players got hurt, and you know who was there before the trainers? PJ Fleck. It is why his players love him — because he cares about his players and everyone's saying it cost him the game.” Hepola said. 

Hepola continued, arguing that he would “take PJ Fleck over almost any other coach out there.”

“Perspective: the Gophers are still 9-1. They win at Northwestern, they beat Wisconsin, you’re going to the Rose Bowl and we've been waiting for that since the ‘60s. PJ Fleck is a superstar head coach, and I would rather have a coach that wants to make sure his players are okay. Then sitting back there going on, what's up with that kid? … give me PJ Fleck all day long.”

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