Who's really benefited from Trump's Minneapolis visit? Mayor Jacob Frey

"Frey's fame nationally has probably increased about 500%"

The Chad Hartman Show
October 10, 2019 - 2:17 pm

While it's still too early to judge the impact of President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Minneapolis, one thing has become clear even before the President takes the stage at The Target Center.

One of the primary beneficiaries has been the political career of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, who elevated his national profile by serving as Trump's local foil both on Twitter and in the media.

Star Tribune editorial board member D.J. Tice explained how Frey's benefited Wednesday on The Chad Hartman show.

"Frey's fame nationally has probably increased about 500%. I believe he's gained something on the order of 25,000 Twitter followers in about 48 hours.  And you know, I'm sure his differences with the President are entirely sincere. But I think somewhere along the way in this duel he realized that, you know, for the Jacob Frey political brand, this is not a bad moment," Tice told Hartman during the weekly Playing Politics segment. 

Dice's colleague John Rash argued that the move by Minneapolis, which owns The Target Center, to attempt to charge the Trump campaign for security costs upfront was poorly timed.

"I think that going forward it would be perfectly reasonable and rational and greatly, deeply appreciated by the residents of the City of Minneapolis if there indeed was a bill that was presented. But as we wrote in the editorial this morning, doing it in mid stride is a bad look for the City of Minneapolis and it gave president Trump an issue to be able to jump on."

Another person who has jumped on the Trump "rocket" — to borrow a phrase Dice used — is none other than Minneapolis Police Federation President. Bob Kroll. 

Listen to the full segment here: 

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