Paulsen: Personal attacks being taken to "next level"

Congressman says threat was received at his home last week

Adam Carter
October 04, 2018 - 4:10 pm

Congressman Erik Paulsen says he's troubled by a rise in the vitriol as he campaigns for another term.

The 3rd District Republican says it crossed the line last week when he received a threatening phone call at his home.

"A phone call came in to my house, and my wife got the call.  It was someone who made a threat.  I won't get into the particular threat, but it was a pretty dramatic and aggressive threat."

Paulsen, who was a guest of WCCO Radio's Paul and Jordana, says he notified US Capitol Police and local authorities. 

"My wife is in a situation where she is fearful for herself or our kids, our girls," Paulsen said. "But nobody should have to go through that, because despite some of the disagreements anyone might have with a political party, or who you represent, no matter who you are you shouldn't have to worry about that."

Pauslen did not suggest the threats were coming from supporters of his opponent, Dean Phillips.  But WCCO Radio did reach out to the Phillips campaign for a response.  In a statement, the Phillips campaign denounced threats made against anybody, saying Dean Phillips got into the race to help end the negativity and divisiveness on airwaves and in political discourse.