Pedals Hit the Parkways on Bike to Work Day

Minneapolis and St.Paul both have more than 100 miles of bike paths

Al Schoch
May 18, 2018 - 9:00 am
Bike to Work Day

Al Schoch/WCCO Radio


They came one-by-one. They also arrived in waves.

They are bicyclists, and Friday is their day to show car drivers and bus riders in the Twin Cities that the two-wheeler is the way to get to work.

It's easy, quick, and good for your health, they say.

"Usually I don't get enough exercise after work, so I try to take advantage of the nice weather, calm winds, and enjoy my day," said Dennis Lee.

He started early in the morning at his home in Bloomington, and made it to work in the heart of downtown Minneapolis in 48 minutes.

"It's kind of like an energy drink," he said, showing little signs of fatigue while wiping a little bit of perspiration from his brow.

He also brought a change of clothes. And his workplace has a shower, just in case.

"I usually try not to shower, because it takes too much time during the day," Lee said. "If your workplace does provide showers, I highly recommend taking advantage of it."

On Friday, there are pit stops all over the Twin Cities where bikers can get a drink or a snack for that final push. There are also activities at the Hennepin County Government Center and St. Paul Union Depot.

"I'm all about biking," said Theresa Larson. "I'm all about putting the car away. Bike trails are so available, and it's so easy to do, and go into work feeling pretty invigorated."

The climate action plan of Minneapolis has a goal of 15 percent of all commuters biking to work by 2025. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul have more than 100 miles of bikeways.