'Hi, I'm Peyton Vincent and I'm your future.'

Breck sixth grader selected to speak at an MLK Celebration joined Paul Douglas to talk about the experience

Paul and Jordana
January 21, 2019 - 5:54 pm

Sheletta Brundidge


Breck 6th grader Peyton Vincent was given an amazing opportunity to be part of the Governor’s MLK Celebration in St. Paul on Monday. She was selected to introduce Dr. Mae Jemison, a NASA astronaut. Peyton joined Paul Douglas to talk about how it came about.

“[It was> my passion for STEM,” she said, “They were looking for young girls in STEM and they picked me.”

It would be an anxious situation for any sixth grader.

“I was kind of nervous before I spoke,” Vincent said, “I don’t think I’ve spoken in front of that many people before.”

Fortunately, Dr. Jemison had some words of encouragement for her

“I got to talk to her briefly,” said Vincent, “She said, ‘You’re going to do great. You’re going to do a really good job,’ and she was very nice.”

Speaking at an event honoring Dr. King was a special moment for Peyton.

“I feel very happy whenever we talk about Dr. King and look back on his life and his legacy and what he did for black people,” she told Paul Douglas, “It makes me really happy when we recognize him and remember him for all the great things he did.”

The youngster who opened her remarks by declaring herself “the future” has some advice for boys and girls considering entering STEM fields.

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right,” Vincent said, “So if you think you can and you surpass all those people who criticize you and bring you down, you’re going to do great things. But if you think you can’t and you let those people drag you down you’ll probably miss the opportunities you’d have if you didn’t let them bring you down.”

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