Pizza Luce re-evaluating relationship with Minneapolis Police, suspending police discount on food

WCCO Radio Newsroom
June 05, 2020 - 1:28 pm

    Popular Minneapolis pizza place Pizza Luce posted on their Facebook page that they are re-evaluating their relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department along with ending their discount program with police. 

    The restaurant, which had closed it's stores last week during the civil unrest, says that it will take some time to review their relationship with police.

    "In light of the recent events, as of the opening of business on 6/2/20 we have suspended police discounts. In the coming weeks, we will take the time to further reevaluate our relationship with the police. We will be looking at existing contracts, regulations, and security stipulations in our operating agreements as well as discussing what our options are.
    Note, we are not refusing service to the police; however, if an officer asks for the discount, we will let them know the discount has been suspended. The discount was a privilege we extended to them, it is not a right."

    While this left many commenters mad, the pizza place says they are hoping for justice in the George Floyd case.

    "We want swift Justice for George and we want sweeping and permanent change on these critical social issues. #Justice4George #BlackLivesMatter"

    Pizza Luce has been invovled with Minneapolis police since shootings in downtown Minneapolis have left the popular after-bar eatery a target for violence in downtown Minneapolis. You can regulary see police near the restaurarnt as bars close on the weekends. 

    The pizza place is the latest to look at their relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department. First Avenue, the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Public Schools and the Park Police have all abandonded their relationship with the department. 

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