Plymouth Police: Boy Shot and Killed Himself With Unsecured Gun

Child found gun in a box that also contained a hover-board

Adam Carter
May 17, 2018 - 11:53 am

Plymouth Police say a seven-year-old boy who was found shot in the head Wednesday afternoon accidentally shot himself after he discovered a loaded handgun in a box containing a hover-board.

Plymouth Police Chief Mike Goldstein says the death of Keyaris Samuels should not have happened.

"An irresponsible gun owner left the loaded firearm unsecured with easy access to four children who reside in the home."

Goldstein says Keyaris and three other children returned to the home on the 6000 block of Shenandoah Lane Wednesday after school and found the handgun and the hover-board in a box in the bedroom of the home. He says the children went outside to play, but Keyaris returned to the room and retrieved the gun. It was at that point, Goldstein says, that Keyaris accidentally shot himself.

The other children heard the gunshot and found Keyaris, and then went to a neighbor's house, who then called police.

Goldstein says the boy's mother arrived to the home shortly after emergency crews arrived. The mother told police the gun wasn't hers, nor did she know who it belonged to.

Goldstein says they will find the gun owner.

"We will do everything within our authority to hold the gun owner or owners accountable for their irresponsible and unconscionable actions," he said.