Protestors gather outside WCCO-TV and Star Tribune buildings

WCCO Radio Newsroom
June 03, 2020 - 7:36 pm

    Protests in Minneapolis have started outside of the WCCO-TV building, with protesters are looking to bring attention to what they see as injustices prevalent in the media. Marching and chanting, they say they're calling for better coverage and accountability from the media when reporting on the black community.

    The protesters marched from outside of the WCCO-TV building all the way to the Star Tribune building.

    Protesters have been spotted wearing shirts that say “Kroll and his MPD Union must go.” This is in response to the letter that Kroll wrote to members of the Minneapolis Police Department Union that has sparked controversy.

    Other protestors are holding signs that say “The whole damn system is guilty as hell” and “abolish police.” 

    The main point of this protest, particpants say, is to bring attention to media bias and shed light on what they believe is unfair reporting.

    Notably, journalists around the country say they've been targeted while covering protests. Some have been pepper sprayed by police after showing media credentials, had their phones slapped out of their hands by police while they were livestreaming. Others have been attacked, threatened and arrested. Mayor Tim Walz apologized to CNN after one of their reporters was arrested on live television while covering a George Floyd protest.


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