E60 Reveals Trailer for New Roy Halladay Documentary 'Imperfect', Coming Out May 29

Jordan Cohn
May 07, 2020 - 1:40 pm

Anxiety. Depression. Paranoia.

These are three of the words that Brandy Halladay uses to discuss her late husband, former MLB star Roy Halladay, in the trailer for Imperfect: The Roy Halladay Story. The film is set for release on May 29.

The trailer promises a harrowing and deeply personal look into the life of the Hall of Famer and it could have a different focal point that your typical baseball documentary. Instead, expect it to dive deep into his mind, his troubles and the perspectives of his family members, friends and teammates.

Opening with a look back on Doc's perfect game delivers a stark contrast to the title of the film, which is immediately brought to a question: what does perfect really mean?

"Unrealistic expectation" is what came to Brandy Halladay's mind in a small tidbit from her interview, while Alex Rodriguez is also featured in the trailer saying that Roy was "the epitome of what a perfect pitcher should look like." Other MLB players and experts are featured lauding the pitcher, Buster Olney referred to him as a stoic warrior, while Robinson Cano commented that no one wanted to face him.

It's not all surprising that Cano said that: the career .302 hitter had a .216 average in 51 at bats against Doc. Such was the case with so many hitters that crossed paths with the two-time Cy Young Award winner.

However, beyond his playing career was a personal life, highlighted by those aforementioned afflictions that Brandy Halladay says "tormented" her husband. It was recently revealed that, at the moment of his untimely death in a plane accident, Roy Halladay had high amounts of morphine and amphetamine in his system.

After the toxicology report was released, Brandy released a statement, saying that the report "was painful for our family" and that "it has reinforced what I have previously stated, that no one is perfect."

It looks as though there is plenty of footage of Roy pitching before his professional career, perhaps hinting that the story of his life growing up could also be a part of the film. It's long been known that Halladay was as intense a competitor as there was in the Majors, but this documentary could reveal more about the mentality of the beloved Blue Jays and Phillies ace.

The trailer ends with a poignant statement from Brandy, as she reflects on the meaning of the word "perfect" given the circumstances.

"Perfect," Brandy says, shaking her head. "I hate that word, perfect."

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