You still have until 2020 to upgrade to a Real ID

Standard drivers licenses will be valid for domestic travel until 2020

Dan Cook
October 01, 2018 - 1:36 pm

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

After years of discussion at the State Legislature and multiple extensions from the Federal government, federally compliant Real ID’s are now available for Minnesotans.

Bruce Gordon, Director of Communications for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety told Steve Simpson that unless your license is due for renewal, there’s no pressing need to upgrade to a Real ID.

“A standard license or ID card will be accepted for Federal purposes, including boarding a domestic flight, until October 1, 2020,” said Gordon.

“That means you’ve got two years to figure out whether you want to get a Real ID, or an enhances license or even a standard license. You have those options in Minnesota.”

Those multiple options mean that Minnesotans already in possession of a valid passport could continue to receive a standard license and still be able to travel domestically without issue.

For Minnesotans planning on making border crossings into Mexico or Canada, an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) may be the way to go.

“The Enhanced License is one of the three choices you have when you go in to apply for or renew your license,” said Gordon, “In addition to being a valid form of identification and indicating your driving privilege, EDL’s can be used as a border document as well as for domestic flights and entering some Federal buildings after 2020.”

For folks who already have EDL’s, they’re all set. “There’s no need [for them> to update to a Real ID,” Gordon said, “The Enhanced Drivers License can be used for Federal purposes. In fact, it’s one step above, if you will, it does one more thing than a real ID, it helps you with a border crossing. The EDL will do everything that a Real ID will do.”

For more information, take a look at the Department of Public Safety’s website.

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