Real Leaders with Roshini: Longtime KSTP-TV sports anchor Joe Schmit shares his true stories of forgiveness

Real Leaders with Roshini
April 13, 2019 - 1:12 pm

In Episode #8 of Real Leaders with Roshini, KSTP-TV Sports Director Joe Schmit got very real as he reflected on a poignant moment when he asked forgiveness for a past deed. Plus, what he's learned about keeping the 'noise' out and the 'sizzle' on and why you might be surprised about who's had the most impact on him over decades of interviewing everyone in sports.

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Schmit is the author of two books, the best-selling "Silent Impact: Stories of Influence through Purpose, Persistence, & Passion," and "The Impact Blueprint," a step-by-step journey to a life of significance.