Washington Post reporter says Republican Governor's Association giving up on Jeff Johnson

He said they have "basically thrown in the towel" since the primary.

September 05, 2018 - 10:59 am

There's news out today that could affect Minnesota's Gubernatorial Race.

Washington Post reporter, and Minnesota native James Hohmann told WCCO's Blois Olson, “the Republican Governor’s Association has basically given up on the governor’s race [in Minnesota> which was going to be a very high profile contest." 

Hohmann says Republican strategists don't believe that Johnson is competitive enough, and may end up pulling money from his campaign. "Republican strategists who are involved in these races have basically thrown in the towel on Minnesota since the primary," Hohmann said. 

Hohmann said that of the 36 governors races happening around the country this year, the Minnesota race doesn't seem like a smart investment for national Republicans. 

"And if, even at this stage in early September, have to make some triage choices, it’s hard to see national Republicans spending any real money in Minnesota,” he said. 

Blois Olson says he hasn't heard if money for TV has been pulled yet, but if it is, it could give Democrat Tim Walz a big advantage.

Johnson is scheduled to join Mike Max on WCCO Radio at 9:35am Thursday to respond. 

Listen to the full interview below:


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