Rescue dogs who survived deadly transport are back in Minnesota

11 dogs died July 6 from Mississippi to Minnesota. The rest are returning to be adopted.

Sloane Martin
July 21, 2018 - 4:45 pm

Rescue dogs already tug on the heart strings, but the three dozen on their way to Minnesota Sunday morning have been through a lot.

Earlier this month, 11 rescue dogs on their way from Mississippi to Minnesota perished on the way here, due to a van mechanical failure. Sunday, the surviving dogs are arriving at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley to be put up for adoption. 

They were loaded up from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Mississippi Saturday for the trip and appeared to be all smiles.

Southern Pines Animal Shelter said back on July 6 that the van broke down four hours into the trip and then volunteers discovered the dead animals. Officials said then they believed the dogs died of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a malfunction and not anything heat-related.

Fifty dogs were being carried.