Former Channel 9 anchor says the MN AG race is big news overseas

Robyne Robinson says London is keeping a close eye on the Ellison/Wardlow race

Paul and Jordana
October 23, 2018 - 6:27 pm

USA Today

Former KMSP-TV anchor Robyne Robinson left her position at MSP Airport to start a consulting business. On a recent business trip to England, she found out that the Minnesota Attorney General race has generated international interest.

“The Ellison race on many different fronts is interesting to them,” Robinson told Jordana Green, “it’s interesting because one, many people were taken aback by the position by the Star Tribune to seek to open the divorce records.”

Ellison’s faith is also a matter of interest and discussion.

“They were [also> interested because Keith Ellison is a Muslim,” said Robinson, “How much of a difference is that making in the polls right now? How much of a difference did that make in the decision to go after the files of his marriage? They were very concerned about the fact that now the family’s privacy has been exposed for no real good reason, when there was really nothing there.”

So if all politics is local, what’s the connection? Why would folks in London care about a state Attorney General’s race in Minnesota?

“So if anything, they’re watching very closely for what happens here because they have a Muslim mayor and a very large Muslim population,” Robinson said, “They want to know how that would directly affect them politically.”

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