Rochester TV reporter without a job a day after wearing MAGA hat

"James Bunner is no longer an employee of KTTC Television Inc."

Edgar Linares
October 05, 2018 - 6:08 pm

Courtesy of Mark Vancleave/Star Tribune


Rochester station KTTC confirmed reporter Jim Bunner is no long with their station after he was photographed wearing a Make America Great Again hat while appearing to be reporting.

On Thursday, Bunner was photographed by a Minneapolis Star Tribune photographer wearing the MAGA hat outside the Mayo Civic Center. He was also wearing his KTTC jacket and was standing next to a camera, holding a mic at President Donald Trump’s Rochester rally.

It’s unclear why Bunner was terminated, KTTC wouldn’t give an details.

“We’re not offering comments on what is an obvious situation—other than to say that James Bunner is no longer an employee of KTTC Television Inc,” said Noel Sederstrom, News Director for KTTC-TV in an email to WCCO Radio.

According to Bunner’s bio on KTTC’s website he joined the station in December of 2017 as a multimedia journalist based in their Austin newsroom.

On Twitter, people commented their displeasure of seeing a Bunner in a MAGA hat while appearing to be reporting.

“KKTCNews KTTCTV really? What happened to fair and unbiased,” said @PegFunkArnold.

“Nice objectivity, @jimbunnernews,” said @JoeAlv.

WCCO Radio did reach out to Bunner for a comment and are waiting to hear back.