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Hear how this woman got life back on track and lost over 200 lbs with help from Second Harvest Heartland

"It was a struggle but I made. It,”

January 17, 2019 - 11:07 am

When Rosey moved to Minnesota from St. Louis four years ago, she only had a small amount of money in her pocket and carried all her belongings in a bag.  She wasn’t sure what was next for her — she had no friends or family in Minnesota, and had neither a car nor a plan.

But Rosey, 53, did have hope, and just as importantly, determination. She had come to Minnesota to get out of bad relationship and to recover from a knee injury. She also knew she had to find a way to live a more healthy lifestyle. At the time, she waited 467 pounds.

She was in a tough spot, but looking back on it now, she’s grateful it wasn’t worst.

“I'm not going to say that's the bottom because I still had a roof over my head,” Rosey told WCCO Radio’s Dave Lee on Thursday morning.

Rosey took it upon herself to adopt healthy habits, like going to the gym and eating better, and  she also became a vegetarian—but she also got help. She was able to start cooking healthy meals with food she got from Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities in turn, receives some of the food it distributes every month from Second Harvest Heartland.

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Rosie, who now volunteers at the Salvation Army, was able to lose 242 pounds, or 198 inches. “It wasn't easy. No, it was a struggle but I made. It,” she said.

Resources like meal programs and produce distributions provide nutritious food and make an important difference in the lives of so many people like Rosey. To donate call 952-886-HERO (4376) or 877-886-HERO (4376) or go here.

Listen to Rosey’s interview with Dave Lee below, or read more of of her story on Second Harvest Heartland’s site.

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