Schara: Fishing Season may be Delayed, but There's Good News on the Horizon

The Lions Lake Crappie Contest has been postponed to May 19

Sports To The Max with Mike Max
April 26, 2018 - 5:35 pm

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The ice-out on Lake Minnetonka has caused a setback to those competing in the 2018 Lions Lake Crappie Contest this weekend in Minnesota. The contest has now been postponed until Saturday, May 19. All tickets that were purchased for this weekend will be valid at the later date.

“Everybody is sad about this late ice-out because we all got this fishing itch,” Ron Schara, outdoor sports personality on Minnesota Bound, told WCCO Radio's Mike Max.

However, Schara noted that Minnesota fisherman will have something to look forward to once the season starts.  

“This is the good thing when it does open up, the Walleye will be shallow and depending on the water temperature they will be aggressively biting or not, but you can count on them being shallow,” he said.

As Schara explained, male Walleyes will be in shallows hoping that more females appear, as the spawning period will have just ended. “That is what your typical catch will be for the opener are the male fish, the females after they spawn they go rest in deeper water,” he explained.

This year marks the fiftieth year of this contest. According to the website “Minnesota Bound” in 2017 more than 2,000 fishermen participated in the Crappie Contest on Lake Minnetonka. Those that participated last year raised thousands of dollars for Fishing For Life.

With Minnesota’s unpredictable weather, it is hard to know when the lakes will be completely free of ice, as fishermen from all over wait patiently to get on the water.


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