Sid Hartman OK after spending more than an hour stuck in an elevator

Legendary sports writer turns 99 on Friday

WCCO Radio Newsroom
March 08, 2019 - 1:22 pm

Sid Hartman has never been known as a patient person, so you can only imagine how he'd react to being stuck in an elevator.  

Well, that's exactly what happened Thursday as Sid was leaving the Star Tribune's downtown Minneapolis offices around 5pm.  

A malfunction caused Sid and his care attendant to be stuck in an elevator at the Capella Tower.  It was a good 80 minutes before crews from the Minneapolis Fire Department were able to get them out.  

Sid, who will turn 99 on Friday, is doing fine.  

Mike Klingensmith,  publisher and CEO of the Star Tribune, says the elevator service company had no techicians available at the time.  He says the newspaper and the building managers are addressing the problem.  Klingensmith says he's just happy that Sid is doing fine.

"We extend our apologies to Sid and the Hartman family, who we have reached out to. We are encouraged that we hear that Sid is doing well." 

Nathan Reed is General Manager of Shorenstein Properties, which manages Capella Tower.  He says the safety and well being of their tenants is the highest priority.

"We take this matter seriously and are working closely with our elevator provider, Schindler Elevator,  to ensure the highest level of service for our tenants. We regret the temporary inconvenience and are pleased that Mr. Hartman is safe."

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