The worst of the snow is over, but now meteorologist Paul Douglas is worried about something else

Douglas: “I pray that we have a nice gradual slow-motion meltdown."

Paul Douglas
February 20, 2019 - 6:41 pm



After Wednesday’s wallop, hearing more snow is on the way this weekend could have you putting a fist through your radio (or smaking your Amazon Alexa.) The good news is the main weekend storm looks like it will miss the Twin Cities Metro.

“Couple more chances for minor snowfall amounts we’re talking a couple of inches Friday night, a couple of inches Saturday. The main event over the weekend is sailing east into Wisconsin. I don’t think we’re going to get bludgeoned,” said WCCO Meteorologist, Paul Douglas.  

On Wednesday, we obliterated the record for snowiest February as we close-in on 31 inches of snow. The titleholder was February of 1962 when 26.5 inches of snow fell. However, the all-time snowiest month was back in 1991 during the infamous Halloween blizzard where 46 inches of snow fell.

“Could we wind up with 40 inches for the month? Absolutely,” said Douglas.

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Douglas said he’s amazed of how quickly the winter turned around in Minnesota; he said three weeks ago people were complaining about the lack of snow.

“Talk about Karma. Like snapping your fingers and suddenly a dumping,” said Douglas. “30 to 40 inches in a month is impressive, even for Minnesota. We’ve gone entire winters with 33, 35 inches of snow, and we just got that in one month.”

Now what’s concerning Douglas is the potential for river flooding. He said those mountains of snow peaking around the Twin Cities have a lot of moisture locked up inside.

“I pray that we have a nice gradual slow-motion meltdown. If we get a sudden warm up, coupled with heavy rain, it could be really bad for people living along the river’s edge in Minnesota,” he said.

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