Kristi Abbott state fair art

Kristi Abbott

Something for everyone in State Fair commemorative art

Friday marks 75 days until the Fair's opening

June 08, 2018 - 7:20 am

State Fair art 2018
Kristi Abbott

A glance at this year's Minnesota State commemorative art is not enough.

Kristi Abbott's colorful 3-by-4-foot piece, at first look, reveals a woman holding a child in front of the iconic state fair Snelling Avenue gate.

It's so much more.

"If people look, they will find over fifty other hidden images," said Abbott, whose sister and god-daughter modeled for the artwork.

If you look close, you'll see a cup of beer in the little girl's pinwheel.

There's Fairchild the Gopher peering from the ticket booth.

And fireworks adorn Krisi's sister's dress, with chickens, lambs, the DNR pond, monarch butterflys, and an alpaca in her hair.

Kristi herself can be seen on the artwork  riding the Sky Glider with her parents, the three of them floating above the August 23rd State Fair starting date.

"What I just absolutely love about the State Fair is the sense of joy and wonder and the color and the sounds, and how it has so many different elements that are so special for so many people," said Abbott, who did extensive research during the 2017 State Fair.

"What I really tried to do with my piece is capture as much of that as possible."

There will be a map of the commemorative artwork right next to its display, so fairgoers won't miss a thing.

This is the 15th time the state fair has had a Minnesota-based artist create commemorative artwork. Abbott lives in St. Paul, although she is originally from Sydney, Australia.

"I attended my first Minnesota State Fair when I was four years old," said Abbott, whose father is from here. "Hopefully, I captured it as well as possible." 

The Great Minnesota Get-Together begins in 75 days.