St. Paul Mayor Carter skydives to announce return of Red Bull competition

He enjoyed the views, but called his wife back on the ground

Sloane Martin
March 19, 2019 - 2:54 pm

Ryan Taylor / Red Bull


On Mayor Melvin Carter's schedule Tuesday was a couple of budget meetings at City Hall but first on the agenda was jumping out of a plane. 

Assisted by Red Bull air force team member Sean McCormac, he made a swift but graceful landing at Harriet Island for his first time skydiving.

Carter decided to go to the extremes to announce the return of the Red Bull Flugtag competition to St. Paul. He said he enjoyed it and saw gorgeous views on a perfect day for flying.

"I called my wife when I landed," he said. "I wanted to make sure she knew my feet were back on the ground safely."

The Red Bull Flugtag competition will take place over the Mississippi Saturday, Sept. 7. It was last here in 2010 where thousands saw a world record 207-foot performance by "Major Trouble and Dirty Dixies." It's since been broken and stands at 258 feet. 

Cass County native and professional snowmobilier Levi Lavallee (who was surprisingly was a first-time skydiver Tuesday, too) says he's looking forward to the event.

"Flugtag means 'flying day' in German," he said. "It's a human-powered flying craft competition where five people, five teammates try to create the craziest thing. They literally push it off a 30-foot platform, 30 feet above the water, push it off and see how fly the farthest." 

It's a return to St. Paul for Red Bull after they moved this year's Crashed Ice to Boston. Carter says it's a great way to showcase the city.

Ryan Taylor / Red Bull

"When they decided to have Crashed Ice in another city we knew we wanted to continue the partnership in some way," Carter said. "Sometime last fall we started talking about this and it made a lot of sense for both of us."

"Part of why I'm so excited is the opportunity to bring people together, especially on the river which is one of our city's greatest defining characteristics, which is going to be a lot of fun."

If you think you're creative enough to enter, the application deadline for a chance to compete is June 26.

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