Firefighters asking residents to help clear snow off hydrants

"I think it's an important thing to do."

Susie Jones
February 12, 2019 - 3:58 pm

The Minnesota State Fire Marshall is asking residents to help clear fire hydrants of snow. 

In St Paul, there are seven thousand fire hydrants and firefighters can't get to them all, so they are asking residents to help out. 

Rory Onorato has a fire hydrant in her backayward said she "absolutely" takes the responsibliy seriously. 

"Plus, the kids gather right here for the bus stop," she expalned. 

While we found a number of hydrants still buried in snow in a drive through the city, there were a fair number of them that had been cleared out.

The fire department posted the request on social media, saying that they need help, and that anyone helping should shovel about three feet around the hydrant.

They say taking time to clear a hydrant only takes away from their fire fighting efforts. 

"I think it's an important thing to do," said Molly Olson. She was out shoveling with her husband, trying to stay on top of the recent snow falls. "This snow is much heavier than the first two or three rounds." 

She doesn't mind shoveling."I like the physical activity. It's sort of a good way to get out of the house. But the driving wears on me."