State Patrol data: 4 DWI arrests per hour on Halloween

Officials urging safety with kids out trick-or-treating

Sloane Martin
October 31, 2018 - 5:59 am

Minnesota State Patrol is warning drivers to be extra cautious this Halloween evening.

When out with the little ones trick-or-treating, State Patrol Lt. Tiffani Nielson recommend wearing bright, reflective clothing and moving in groups. Drivers should of course out down their smartphones and extra patrols will be out. She says the agency averages four DWI arrests per hour on Halloween.

"We're encouraging everybody to make good decisions," she said. "Obviously we want to see less this year than we did last year. We always want to drive toward zero DWIs and obviously drive toward zero deaths on our roads."

Also, make sure to cross the street at intersections.

"Don't just run across the street," she said. "Obviously parents will help control that. I trick-or-treated with my kids and we usually did one side of the street at a time, so that keeps us from running back and forth.

One more Halloween note: for families in the Summit Ave. neighborhood of St. Paul, the Governor's mansion is offering treats from 5 to 7 p.m.