Stillwater Prison off lockdown more than a month after CO's death

“The industry program remains under review, until a reconfiguration is complete."

Edgar Linares
August 21, 2018 - 6:52 pm

By Edgar Linares, DOC news conference July 19, 2018


The Stillwater, Minnesota Correctional Facility is officially off lockdown following last month's killing of  Corrections Officer Joseph Gomm.

On Tuesday, the Department of Corrections said the Stillwater lockdown is off and the facility is functioning under “modified operations.”

Corrections staff have restored programs such as in-unit recreation, religious programming, access to phones, and video visiting.

Also, work assignments in the kitchen, canteen and laundry have resumed, and educational programing including GED classes will start up again later this week.

However, the DOC said the industry programming remains under review. It was during this programming where Gomm, 45, was killed on July 18. Inmate Edward Johnson, 42, allegedly struck Gomm with a hammer and stabbed him before other officers quickly broke up the incident. Johnson was already serving time for murder.

In a statement, the DOC says modifications to operations have been made, and will continue to be made, to ensure the safety of all officers, offenders and visitors.

Gomm’s family attorney said last week Gomm was concerned about workplace safety before his death. Johnson is facing a first-degree murder charge.