Street flooding concerns in the Twin Cities

"We really want to get them open, but also for people to be careful"

Susie Jones
March 12, 2019 - 6:30 am
Cleared storm drain



With warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast, utilities and streets maintenance crews are working to remove snow and ice buildup from thousands of storm drains throughout the Twin Cities. 

In Minneapolis, there area about 55,000 storm drains, and in St Paul there are about 28,000. 

"If homeowners are able to get out and get the snow and ice off the top of the drains, that's a really great start" said Lisa Hiebert, with the city of St Paul's public works department. "Please be careful because a lot of it is compacted. We really want people to try to get them open but be very careful doing so." 

Storm drain doing its work

Crews in Minneapolis have been able to clear about 750 of the catch basins or storm drains.

"After this much snow, there's a lot of ice build up on top of that and for people's safety, it's best to call 311 if they are seeing flooding," said Lisa Cerney, deputy director of public works in Minneapolis. 

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Several cities across the metro are also asking residents to help out. 

The problem is that most all of the storm drains are covered with snow and ice, so people are using "Google Maps" to locate the drains and try to clear them. 

If you are not able to do so, you can call the city that you live in for help.

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