These are the State Fair foods Dara is looking forward to the most

Need a plan of attack? Start your Fair food list with these!

Off The Menu with Dara Grumdahl
June 19, 2019 - 3:17 pm

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You know Dara.  She's not just the host of WCCO's "Off the Menu", but she's the Twin Cities' preeminent food critic for Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine.  Each week she gives our trusty listeners and readers a new Top 5 Recipe list with a fresh ingredient.  She definitely knows her food. 

But, she's also the biggest fan of Minnesota State Fair food we know.  Who better to prepare you for the new foods debuting August 22 when the 'Great Minnesota Get-Together' kicks off once again. 

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On Tuesday, she joined Chad Hartman to run down what she's looking forward to the most on this year's list of new food items.  "The new food announcement has become a major deal the last few years," said Dara.  "This is like foodie people's NFL Draft.  We get very excited about this!"

So, here are Dara's Top 5 new foods she's looking foward to in 2019, and what she thinks of each!

Blueberry Key Lime Pie- Birchwood at the Farmer's Union
"Birchwood has been at the Farmer's Union Building for about three years now. Every single year they have hit it out of the park. Their BLT last year my number one food. It was delicious. They've really figured out how to do it. They do something simple that's in-season and then they serve it at the Fair. You don't need to be Einstein to put that together."

Nashville Hot Chicken on a Stick- Blue Barn
"I feel good about the Nashville Hot Chicken on a Stick at Blue Barn. So, Nashville hot chicken, very on trend. You're putting some Chi in the batter. But this is on a stick, which I do appreciate. And mainly Blue Barn has been really able to execute what they try to do. That's the thing I've noticed is that the good ideas, they're very important. The ability to execute the good ideas in scale, you know? And so let's talk about how many millions of these you got to sell. That's what really separates the excellent."

Mini Donut Latte- Anchor Coffee Shop
"I like to see a little more happening in the coffee space because I get there early. A lot of people do! You want something at 6:30.  You're there for 12 hours. Yes I am. I'm quite punchy at the moment. So, Mini Donut Latte? I think that sounds delicious. Better than a mini donut beer. So this will basically be a latte with mini donuts. Sprinkles on it. Bring it. Bring it on." 

Lamb Chops- Holy Land at the International Bazaar
"So, Lamb Chops.  My Paleo, my Keto, and all my crazy diet people. Where are you going to eat? I do think that Holy Land, they have this corner of the International Bazaar. Underrated, wonderful part of the Fair. Holy Land has just straight up marinated lamb chop. So if you're in the Paleo-Keto universe, grass fed local lamb chops from people who know how to do that? I think it's going to be good."

No Bologna Coney- Mancini's
"Number 5, and this is kind of a weird call, but I actually really liked the Mancini's booth and they are doing a No Baloney Coney. They're taking basically a mortadella if you know what that is (Ed. Note: Click here if you don't know what it is). It's like an emulsified sausage. A hot dog is emulsified, very finely ground. And that hot dog, you can't even really tell what it is because it is emulsified. So they're going to do a sausage in the style of mortadella, which means it has the pistachios and stuff in it. Then they're going to serve it hot dog style, but with all of the muffaletta sandwich stuff up top. So they'll have pickles and relish in there.  Like a giardiniera.  

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