US Bank Stadium inspections


Those weren't raccoons climbing US Bank Stadium

Siding that's been replaced before gets "proactive" inspection

June 17, 2018 - 7:24 am

Crews were once again climbing the side of US Bank Stadium last week, removing some of the protective siding.

This time, they weren't up there fixing anything.

 According to officials with the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority, the four days of warranty inspections that started June 11 were designed to proactively examine the status of the stadium's enclosure system.

The home of the Vikings opened two years ago, but much of last summer crews were climbing all over the zinc-paneled exterior of the billion-dollar facility to make repairs.  

That's because some of the panels were leaking, and some were blowing off in high winds.  

Those fixes were done well before the Super Bowl was played in February.

There are concerts, a soccer match, and the X Games on the schedule for US Bank Stadium until the Vikings' first preseason home game on August 18 against Jacksonville.